Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, And Podiatry Billing Company

TJ Billing has been committed to providing the highest quality service in medical billing outsourcing for over 15 years and we continue to strive to improve at every level.

Our focus is on managing your medical billing so you can spend more time running your business effectively and offer more attention to your patients.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Professionals

We work with certified professional coders who have extensive experience in medical coding. They’re constantly updating their skills and training to stay on top of current trends and changes within the billing industry. Our coders have a keen eye for coding issues and can spot any errors or potential problems before they take full effect. By outsourcing your billing to TJBilling, you don’t have to worry about these time-consuming tasks – we will handle it all for you.

We’re also 100% adept in the following:

  • We know chiropractic practices, podiatry practices, and physical therapy practices inside and out
  • We understand the current HIPAA regulations
  • We are always abreast of changing laws with regards to billing
  • We regularly employ experienced coders and providers to enhance our speed and efficiency
  • We have experience in several states across the country

Make the transition to medical billing outsourcing so that you can concentrate on the areas that deserve your expertise and attention – your business and your patients.

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Marcy Mitchell – Owner

Our team is headed by Marcy Mitchell, an experienced, capable, multi-disciplinary billing specialist who has fine-tuned the business to keep your practice running like a well-oiled machine. Marcy has two dogs, Jack and River who are a crucial part of the TJ Billing team. In her spare time, Marcy loves playing tennis and spending time with her friends and family.


Billing Specialists

Carole G

Carole is a trained Chiropractor, with a proclivity for billing and collections. At TJ Billing, Carole manages the Durable Medical Equipment contracts for MVA, WC and S/F cases. Carole works with attorneys to overcome the challenges in collecting on each case. She enjoys collaborating with these teams to best serve the patients in need. When the day is done, she spends time with her grandkids and her herb and vegetable garden.


Christie Tansey

Christie started working for TJ Billing at the start of 2019. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education. Although she worked with children for 15 years, Christie couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn something new. When not at work, Christie enjoys baking and spending time with her family.

Colleen Bancroft

Colleen has been with the team since October of 2020. She came on starting with data entry and has now worked her way into learning paper claims and EG Medical. In her free time, Colleen likes to watch movies, travel, and spend time with her kids and labradoodle.


Joanne Greene

Joanne has been with TJ Billing since 2009 and is an expert on insurance collections. She learned from helping her husband, a chiropractor, with his insurance concerns, and empathizes with the doctor’s point of view. Joanne has a Masters in Fine Arts, worked as a costume designer, and is a published author.

Madison Klinedinst

As a medical billing specialist with TJ Billing, Madison has 4 main objectives; learn new things, share her knowledge, increase collections, and make people laugh! Maddy found her passion for medical billing working as a chiropractic assistant then office manager at a local chiropractic office. She strives to understand every aspect of revenue cycle management and how they all fit together like a puzzle. Since joining the team as a Chirotouch specialist in 2021, she has grown to excel on many EHR programs, clearing houses, and is our team “Portal Wizard”! Outside of work, she uses her problem-solving skills in activities like escape rooms and navigating life as a newlywed.


Tammy Harper

Tammy is a Billing Specialist at TJ Billing Company and is dedicated to all the clients she serves. Fueled by caffeine, she enjoys jumping over the hurdles and through the hoops while navigating the insurance billing obstacle course, making sure to cross the finish line with pizazz and a smile. Tammy enjoys spending time with her husband and two teenage children, going on the adventures life brings them.

Tom Centofanti

Tom is an active practicing chiropractor who, when trying to explain insurance to patients, took a real interest in understanding how insurance works and making sure that claims were processed correctly for the sake of the practice and the patients. Fun fact: Tom likes to make homemade beer, with his favorite being an Irish stout!