Outsourcing your Chiropractic Billing

The one part of a chiropractic practice that many chiropractors dread, avoid and consider very annoying is their chiropractor billing. The problem is that if you do not bill, you do not get paid by the insurance for your services. The part of a practice that gives the chiropractor that is the double-edged sword.

Chiropractic billing is different from other types of billing by the medical profession. If you do not realize the difference, there can be an assortment of delays that will be very frustrating. Medical billing and coding are different from chiropractic billing and coding. Outsourcing chiropractic billing may be the most beneficial part of your practice.

As you continue your practice and patients are returning on a regular basis, you may come to realize that your income is not growing along with the client base. One of the potential reasons for this is chiropractic billing. This task takes away from your time in practice.

When you do your own billing for Medicare and medical insurance, the drain on you and your office staff is measurable. Your patient contact time is being limited and your front office staff can become increasingly stressed. Stress can lead to less pleasant client contact and frustration in their jobs.

All of these negatives may disappear if you outsource chiropractic billing. The companies that specialize in this are up to date on all of the mandates that come into being. It will improve and expedite your income due to the fact that fewer billing mistakes are made. You will find that you have more time to dedicate to your patients and your staff can focus on being your assistant. Your patients will come to appreciate this with every visit to your office. After all, you went to school to be a chiropractor, not an insurance clerk.

If you have any questions relating to medical or chiropractic billing, please contact us for assistance.