Chiropractic billing – Why you should Outsource
Why Outsource Your Chiropractic Billing
October 31, 2019

The immediate and future benefits of outsourcing your chiropractic billing.

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Medical Claims | ICD-10 Codes | TJ Billing
The Importance of ICD-10 Codes
December 3, 2015

What the ICD-10 code represents and its value as a medical code.

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How To Set Chiropractic Fees
October 2, 2015

Take the guesswork out of setting chiropractic fees!

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Avoid Chiropractic Billing Issues In 2015 - TJBilling
Avoid Chiropractic Billing Issues in 2020
April 30, 2015

Avoid these issues to keep your billing system efficient.

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How To Run A Successful Chiropractic Practice
October 24, 2014

How chiropractors can reach financial stability and the legal aspects they may encounter.

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Outsourcing your Chiropractic Billing
March 15, 2013

Save the frustration of doing your own chiropractic billing by outsourcing.

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Achieve Top Quality Chiropractic Billing Through Outsourcing
March 10, 2013

Outsourcing your billing may be the perfect situation for your office.

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3 Ways Outsourcing Chiropractic Billing Can Increase Profits
February 21, 2013

The three major ways your chiropractic business will profit by outsourcing billing!

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The Top 3 Objections to Electronic Medical Records
February 13, 2013

Upfront costs, security, and standardization have contributed to the fear of implementing EMRs.

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How Can Medical Billing and Coding Help Your Practice?
February 5, 2013

How outsourcing medical billing has helped many hospitals and practitioners as the healthcare industry continues to grow.

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